Meet Dr. Alexander Sidawi

I’m Dr. Alexander Sidawi, the primary psychiatrist at Analyze. I completed my psychiatric training at the University of Florida, where I worked with a diverse patient population in a variety of settings including a large outpatient clinic, 7 inpatient units, 5 emergency rooms, and 1700+ beds across Shands and VA hospitals. My certifications include:

  • Board Certified Psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN)
  • State of Florida Osteopathic Physician Licensure

While at UF, I took a significant interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy. For me, the pinnacle of this type of therapy is witnessing the transformative “aha” moment in a patient—when, through our collaborative exploration, they gain a sudden, profound insight into an aspect of themselves previously hidden from their awareness. Every individual’s narrative is woven with many layers, and my role is to help untangle these stories, tying common threads together and offering insights into how past experiences continue to shape your present. With insight, comes growth.


Our Clinic's Process



Express your interest via the contact form below. You will receive a call to have a brief discussion about what you’re seeking help with and to see if our clinic is a good fit for you. We will will then send you a detailed intake form to fill out and return to us for review.



Once intake forms are completed, we will provide you access to our online scheduler, which allows you to easily schedule in-person or tele appointments at your convenience.



During your initial consultation appointment, we will explore your current symptoms as well as your psychiatric, medical, social and family history to understand you as best as possible. At the end of the session we will work together on a personalized plan to best improve your mental health going forward.



In follow up appointments, we will continue our work together as previously determined during intake. This would generally be optimizing medications and/or using therapy to learn more about yourself, your emotions, how you handle stress, how you interact with others, what motivates you, what triggers you, what’s holding you back and how these things came to be over time.



As you learn more about yourself and your coping skills are enhanced, you will begin to find it easier to overcome obstacles in your path. When the time comes that you are ready to move on to the next stage of your life, we will work together to plan a safe landing. This may include things like reducing your medications or frequency of therapy, with the goal of self-sufficiency.

I Strive to Provide the Best Care for You. Here's How:

Healthcare Tailored to You, Not Insurance Profits

I want you to get the best care possible, not the care that's best for the insurance company's wallet. During sessions, you get my undivided attention to your needs, without stealing your time to tick boxes for insurance billing purposes. When choosing your treatment plan I'm thinking about what's best for you, not them.

Concierge Level Access

I provide a concierge level of access by personally responding to all forms of communication, including phone calls and messages, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and directly. This approach eliminates the frustration of navigating through multiple layers of staff and sharing your private concerns with multiple people before receiving assistance.

It Stays Between Us

I value your confidentiality. Cash pay ensures that your sensitive information, including diagnosis and treatment plans, remains private. This protects your data from automatically being shared with insurance entities such as the Medical Insurance Bureau, safeguarding your privacy when applying for insurance-related services (i.e. disability insurance, etc). On the contrary, if your preference is to bill your insurance, I will provide you the documents required to submit for attempted reimbursement.

You're In Control

Our collaboration begins with an initial consultation where we jointly develop a treatment plan that places you in control. This personalized plan is designed to ensure that you feel comfortable. I won't make you feel forced to start or stay on meds you're uncertain of. I provide patients with the medical information to make informed decisions including the risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment. You can also have peace of mind knowing that I don't recommend lucrative new treatments that are not yet backed by extensive data.

We're Going Deep

You're more than just a diagnosis and a pill. In training, we are taught the "bio-psycho-social" formulation of conceptualizing a patient's struggles. In the last decade, psychiatry has focused on the "bio" portion, meds and their side effects. While I do provide med management, I refuse to neglect the "psycho-social" aspect of care. I work with my patients to explore why they're feeling unwell. I want you to have "aha" moments where you suddenly realize something about your personality or relationships that you've never seen before. You can't address a problem if you're not aware of its source. In this way, insight can lead to healing.

Keeping You In The Loop

I want you to know the "why" behind my recommendations. Transparency is fundamental to our therapeutic relationship. I strive to keep you informed about the direction and goals of your treatment. Whether it's understanding the rationale behind a medication choice or the objectives of our psychotherapy sessions, I ensure you are always in the loop about the work we're doing together.

Appointment Types & Pricing

I offer two appointment types which can be done in-person at our physical locations in Orlando (Dr. Phillips & Winter Garden), or online via telehealth throughout the state of Florida. I value transparent billing practices and want you to know costs up front. Though I do not accept insurance, I can provide the paperwork necessary for you to submit for attempted reimbursement.

Initial consultation appointment (60 minutes): $400

Follow up appointments:

  • Medication focused (30 minutes): $200
  • Therapy focused with medications included (60 minutes): $300